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At Cape Winelands Mediation we see mediation as an alternative way of resolving disputes, outside court. It is flexible, and cost efficient, and less stressful for all parties involved than litigation. It is an ideal way of helping couples and people in business parting ways in a practical, responsible and sensible manner.

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We offer a holistic approach to resolving all divorce and related family law matters


In years of experience, we have assisted various couples and businesses to settle disputes, rather than enter into costly litigation. Various advantages of mediation include saving of unnecessary legal fees, complete confidentiality, time saving, and the procedure is less formal.

Counseling & Therapy

We are well connected with various professionals such as psychologists, couples therapists, social workers, play therapists and other medical practitioners. We can make timeous recommendations to assist all parties of any divorce or business restructure. We are also known to prestigious schools and are able to assist children who struggle in any manner with divorce or other related issues at school.

Legal & Financial Services

We have recommended divorce attorneys who can legalize any agreement reached within the mediation process, and who assist with the execution of the procedure in court. It is also important to visit a registered financial advisor to assist with financial planning and whilst going through divorce or changes in business.

About us

Leana Burger holds an LLB (Stell) and Master’s Degree in Commercial Law (LLM). She is an accredited mediator, accredited with FAMAC (Family Mediators Association of the Cape), and a practicing attorney and conveyancer. She’s also a debt counsellor. She is passionate about children, couples, families and business.

Leana’s passion and expertise lies in assisting couples through divorce mediation and family law matters specifically. She is well-known for her analytical abilities and managing large amounts of complex matters until resolve. She functions well under extremely hostile and stressful situations, and has had success in settling many client matters out of court.

Leana follows a solution-oriented approach and views no dispute unable of settlement. She is adept at guiding couples and businesses through volatile and stressful situations. She is passionate about the well-being of children, and always ensure both parties involved keep children’s best interest at heart when finalising settlements.

Leana is currently studying psychology part-time, in an effort to further broaden her mediation expertise and experience, specifically with regards to couples facing high-conflict divorce challenges, prioritising the interests of children. Leana has a strong network with various couples’ therapists and child psychologists and is able to make excellent recommendations where needed.

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